Kakegawa Japanese Sake
There are two kinds of Japanese sake; “nihonshu” and “shochu.” Nihonshu is made by fermenting rice, similar to beer. Shochu is made by distillation, like whiskey. There are several kinds of shochu made from potatoes, wheat and sweet chestnuts. Here in Kakegawa has famous Nihonshu and Shochu as well. You can get them the following shops.
Japanese Sweets
Japanese sweets are traditional sweets in Japan, and they go well with Japanese green tea. They look so beautiful and many delicious Japanese sweets are made at Kakegawa. Also, Japanese sweets are often made from beans, which is good for health. You will not forget the taste once you have eaten it. Enjoy delicious Japanese-style sweets at Kakegawa.
This slurry beverage is made from powdered arrowroot. It is hot and one sip will make you feel relaxed. It is perfect your body when you are tired from a long journey. Keikaen is a historic shop that has been in business for over a hundred years. You can enjoy different flavors of kuzu-yu like tea flavor and oshiruko flavor.
Kuzufu is a kind of fabric that is made from native-grown kuzu. Kakegawa is a rare city where the skill of making fabric from kuzu goes down to the next generation. Kuzufu used to be used to make formal clothes for samurai. This shop has been in business for more than 300 years. Their customers include famous shrines in Kyoto. They have also received orders from America for use as a luxury fabric. The manufacturing process is surprisingly hard. Their craftspeople hand weave them one by one on the second floor of the shop. Their products including coin cases, hats and bags are all natural and well made. They will be great gifts for your loved ones.
Souveniors Shops
Kakegawa has a variety of specialty products such as Kakegawa Deep Steamed Tea, Kakegawa-produced Sake, Kakegawa Beer, Kudzu-cloth, Fruits from Kakegawa and so on. You will find some special souvenirs you can’t buy at other ordinariy shops there. You should buy real Kakegawa’s items at these shops and bring it home. You and your loved ones will be pleased.

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