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Kakegawa is a world-class tea producer. The efforts and efforts of the tea farmers who try to make good tea produce fruit, and Kakegawa Deep Steamed Tea is very delicious, has a good aroma, and has a beautiful green color. Kakegawa deep steamed tea that has been proven to be good for health. When you come to Kakegawa, buy some tea and return.
The Japanese style tea ceremony
Here you can experience “sado,” a part of traditional Japanese culture. Sado is the Japanese style tea ceremony. The host welcomes guests politely with tea paraphernalia, hanging scrolls and flowers. This symbolizes the way Japanese people welcome guests. Such hospitality is called omotenashi in Japan. You can enjoy Japanese sweets, wagashi, that vary through the four seasons with the tea produced in Kakegawa. The beautiful garden in front of you changes through the year as well. You may take pictures of the garden. It will be a good souvenir of your trip. You will also like the narrow path with its unique ambience.
Kakegawa Tea Café
Kakegawa, one of Japan's leading tea producing areas, has a cafe where you can enjoy Kakegawa deep steamed tea. There is no doubt that you can relax with the smell of tea and taste the finest moments. If you come to Kakegawa, you can not return without having a cup of tea. Kakegawa deep steamed tea has been proven to be good for health.
Tea picking
Let's experience the tea picking in Kakegawa, one of the world's leading tea producing areas. You are just as excited as entering a large tea plantation. So a tea expert will tell you carefully how to pick the tea leaves. In this way, you can know that you can make tea and it will be a good memory of your lifetime.

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