Eel (Unagi)
You should eat at Kakegawa’s Eel restaurant even if the customers are lined up in front of it. They clean the eel and start grilling it after they take your order. Eel is grilled in the Kansai manner. Its sweet and spicy sauce and slightly firm rice is the best. Even if you feel you are full, their salad and Japanese pickles help you to eat more.
Jinenjo(Japanese Yam)
This is a kind of mountain yam. It gets sticky when you grate it. It is rich in nutrients and it makes you energetic when you are tired.
“Imo-jiru” potato soup is how people in Kakegawa eat jinenjo. Grate jinenjo with its peel and mix it with mackerel soup and miso, then enjoy. You can mix it with rice.
Don’t get surprised if you hear someone slurping it down. It is OK to do that in Japan. This is a local food that you can eat only during winter.
In some restaurants, you can try it every seasons.

Western Food
There is a kind of food called youshoku, or “western food”, in Japan.
It refers to foods such as hamburg steak, omelette on rice, beef steak, and napolitan pasta. All Japanese people from childrens to adult love the taste of these dishes. Please try them for yourself!
Japanese food
Washoku restaurant is the place Japanese traditional meals such as Sushi, Tempura, Sukiyaki, Soba, Udon and so on is served.
In Kakegawa which is historical city, why don’t you enjoy Washoku.
If you want to try good local food, go to izakaya (Japanese-style taverns). You can enjoy Japanese izakaya culture at Kakegawa town.
If you are puzzled by their big menu, just ask for their special of the day. They will tell you what is good and fresh. You can order several dishes and share with your friends. That is how to enjoy izakaya.
Kakegawa Beer
Kakegawa City's first and only craft beer brewery. A full-scale craft beer that has been launched since April 2018 and actively incorporates local artisans who have been brewed in Belgium. Everyone, please drink Kakegawa beer that you can only taste here. There is no doubt that you can enjoy it.

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